This site is for undergraduate STEM students and is intended to facilitate learning about essential computer technologies for their math classes.

Our objective is to expose students to essential programming tools in Statistics and Applied Mathematics to ready them for graduate study or careers in industry where these skills are often necessary. All students and colleagues at Trinity will be welcome to use the webpage for self-directed learning, as well as to offer comments and suggestions for improvements and topics to add.

For Statistics, code examples written in R, Minitab and SAS are available. The examples cover topics in economics, biology, engineering, education, and others. FAQs and tips address how to combine one’s rationale and the use of technology to best interpret results from statistical analysis. These statistical tools serve not only students taking statistics courses but also students and their advisors involved in Trinity’s growing summer research program. Indeed, as observed in previous summers, the use of statistics has been increasing throughout campus, and this website could offer both access to quick-start statistical tools for beginners as well as chance for advanced users to develop their skills.

For Applied Math, code samples in programming languages such as MATLAB, Maple, Mathematica, C and Fortran is available. These are drawn from examples used in Calculus III, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Math Modeling and Numerical Analysis. There is a specific section where students can look at projects from that course to see how the math models have been built and how the programs have been implemented to simulate the results. Several software packages with user-friendly interfaces are recommended for different case studies.

This site was made possible with funding from the Associated Colleges of the South Blended Learning Program.